Our restaurant is again available to receive you on site and provide takeout.
The reception and reception of take-out meals will be provided in accordance with the barrier measures.
We take all the necessary measures to welcome you in the best sanitary conditions.
Homemade dishes cooked on site.

nos entrees
T1 T2-150 T4-150 T5 T6-150 T7-150 T8 T9 T10-150
T11 150 T12 150 T13 150 T14 150 T15 T16 150 T17 150 T18 T19
T20 T21 T22 T23 T22 T25 T26    

nos plats

A1-600 A4-150 A5 A8 A11 A13  A18
A21 A23 A24-150 A26  A27 A28-150 A30
A31 A32 A33 A35  A37 150 A38 A39
A40  A41  A42  A43  A44 A45  A46
A47 A48   A49  A50  A51  A52  A53
A54 A55  A56  A57 A59     

nos desserts

D1 D3 D4 D5 150 D6  D7  D8
D9 D10          

nos riz

    K1-150 K2-150      
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